Project Overview
The client represents a marking agency which automates ad placement in various social platforms. The product lets advertisers manage large number of ads from a single dashboard. When the client approached us they had no testing processes in place. The lead architect did the testing before the releases himself. That led to some nasty issues slipping through and going into production website unnoticed.
Circle Yellow Review and analyze system specifications
Circle Yellow Execute test cases (manual or automated) and analyze results
Circle Yellow Create logs to document testing phases and defects
Circle Yellow Report bugs and errors to development teams
Circle Yellow Help troubleshoot issues
Circle Yellow Conduct post-release/ post-implementation testing
Circle Yellow Automate test execution
We needed to test websites across multiple platforms, operating systems and geo-locations. The main challenge was to identify quality assurance process bottleneck and suggest actions for improvement. The deliverables were screenshots and/or video recordings of found problems with explanation on how to re-create them.
Our Solution
Our response to this challenge was to own and specialize in specific areas of complex testing. Our QA assigned to this role was the primary point of contact for specific features between our testers and internal development team of our partners. Our QA learned to utilize the tools used internally within our partner’s team to assist with test cases and sales testing. He also backed up QA Lead by assisting with reports, scrums and communication.
After writing thorough test cases that covers the possible testing scenarios including the edge cases we started automated the regression suite with Selenium + Python. We did a little experiment and incorporated “Screenplay” design pattern into our testing which performed surprisingly well both from organizational and performance standpoints.
Circle Yellow Automated the regression testing and ensured quality practices are built into the SDLC and DevOps practices.
Circle Yellow Reviewed, analyzed and documented business and user requirements for technology product development.
Circle Yellow Ensured that business requirements are fully met before each release; certified releases for quality and completeness of functionality.
Circle Yellow Developed and implemented testing practices and tools as part of the framework which ensure releases are defect-free and perform at or better than expected levels.

Technology We Used