Project Overview
A mobile game for pre-school kids available for IOS and Android. Our job involved: testing the game in a systematic way, analyzing the game's performance against the designer's intentions, identifying and reporting problems, and suggesting improvements. However, it also involved creativity and ingenuity, which is used to figure how to ‘break’ the game in different and unique ways. In effect, we acted as the game's first audience by reporting on playability and identifying any aspects that could be improved.
Circle Yellow Categorize and prioritize bugs
Circle Yellow Develop software quality management system
Circle Yellow Anticipate different ways the game will be played by people around the world
Testing involved playing the same game repeatedly for weeks at a time, testing different levels and versions or revisions of the game. Sometimes, different teams were responsible for specific sections or areas of a game. The work could be repetitive and tedious; however, we were able to stay motivated and test the game long after the novelty and fun factor may have worn off. We had to accept that we had only limited influence over the design and worked methodically on testing within the constrains we faced.
Our Solution
Given our understanding of game design, how games are created, and how the different elements of a game contribute to the playing experience we were able not only identify and record a problem, but also try to work out what is causing it. By honing our communication skills with other members of the team across the world we had them onboard when we came up with our solutions to the testing challenges. Our engineer responsible for QA’ing this project could maintain concentration while playing games for long periods of time because of his passion for playing games.
The game was launched on App Store and Google Play market after successful beta testing.
Circle Yellow A better user experience for in-app purchases
Circle Yellow Smooth UX across a wide range of phones and tablets
Circle Yellow Software quality management system to document finding and maintain a change log

Technology We Used