Project Overview
Celeb TV is an adult live streaming service where you can interact and share with thousands of social celebrities from around the world. This service provides exclusive access to private celebrity photos and videos, and facilitates direct connection with the models via messaging and video chat. Celeb TV’s products rank in top 35 in Alexa, serve 50 million users daily, operate 2,000 servers and 6 data centers. 
Circle Yellow Cary out full range of software testing activities (functional, structural, manual, automated tests)
Circle Yellow Design, develop, run and improve automated tests
Circle Yellow Possibility to work with multiple technologies:  JavaScript, CodeceptJS, Selenium
Circle Yellow Participate in Requirement and Functional Specification reviews of new features to convert them to comprehensive Test Specifications
Circle Yellow Document, troubleshoot and follow-up on issues found during testing
Circle Yellow Report, prioritize, track, and manage deficiencies
Circle Yellow Mentor other testers
The system under test is really complex and multi-faceted. In addition to that we had to pick up an automated testing framework that was altogether new to us - CodeceptJS. Moreover, the existing testing framework was geared to both mobile and web testing and we had to account for that as well. Another challenge is the multi-step pipeline leading to the deployment to production. We had to gain deeper understanding into how Bamboo works and how the configuration change from one environment to another.
Our Solution
In parallel with manually testing the live streaming service we actively engaged in learning how CodeceptJS works also relying on the excellent video and presentation materials provided by the company. Through communication with the long-time employees who worked on the framework we were able be up and running in no matter of time. Our QA engineer responsible for the project participated in KT sessions and Scrum ceremonies seamlessly integrating with the company culture. Also worth mentioning is that we brought in our broad knowledge of testing tools, methodologies and automated testing processes that helped tackle the challenges.
The work is still ongoing but we already achieved some results we can share.
Circle Yellow More estimated points are closed for testing tasks sprint over sprint
Circle Yellow Increased test coverage
Circle Yellow Clearer testing scope definition
Circle Yellow Keep track of and own team quality metrics that drive QA targets
Circle Yellow Established post-release testing routine

Technology We Used