Project Overview
Fleet Management is a software package for managing the structure of radio stations and repeaters operating in the MOTOTRBO® Capacity Plus environment at a company site. This application comes with a pre-configured server and supposed to be working directly at the customer’s site being connected to the main repeater and a radio station.
Circle Yellow Develop automated test framework from scratch based on specified requirements
Circle Yellow Create Initial Test planning document
Circle Yellow Create final Test Report document
Circle Yellow Create final bug report with detailed description
Some functions of the website require connection with a network cable to a network switch to which the main repeater is connected, so those functions would be unavailable without connection to the radio station. Unfortunately, our team did not have access to that station which made some key functionalities unavailable for us.
Our Solution
Our team was able to successfully integrate Mock Server in order to have access to all functionalities of the website. This gave us chance to carry out full range of software testing activities and cover all workflows of the website.
We've got some results
Circle Yellow Improvement of the existing documentation
Circle Yellow Mock Server integration
Circle Yellow Analysis and prioritization of main features and workflows
Circle Yellow Increased test coverage

Technology We Used