Project Overview
In All Media is a cutting-edge technology and innovation consulting organization, facilitating digital transformation in multiple industries. In All Media harnesses the collaborative synergy of the international talent pool using Agile methodologies, to deliver excellence efficiently and with the utmost quality. In All Media brings together a globally managed community, with experts guiding and managing talented engineers; working to bring together the best talent in the world, regardless of where they are. This makes In All Media a truly global company driven by a community of dedicated, talented individuals self-organizing into multi-disciplinary teams, producing the best possible output for our world-class clients.
Circle Yellow Planing and performing Manual testing
Circle Yellow Automating test cases
Circle Yellow Covering the functionality by UI/API testing
While working on this project we faced difficulties related to set-ups, as there were many specific tools to be installed that we didn’t deal with before which demanded another approach than other tools.
Our Solution
We spent enough time on inverstigations and could do all needed set-ups on time.
This is what we got as a result:
Circle Yellow Increased test coverage
Circle Yellow Experience with working with DB
Circle Yellow Proficiency using management tools

Technology We Used