Project Overview
MEDNEXT+ is an innovative end-to-end, sophisticated, robust and functionality-rich Health Insurance Management System for health insurance players. It empowers health insurers to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow by providing a modern and intuitive user interface, advanced automation, increased integration, customization and configuration capabilities and extended support for both global and local provider networks.
Circle Yellow Performance testing
Circle Yellow Api testing
Circle Yellow UI automation testing
The main challenge our team faced was the fact that having this big project we had limited time to be adapted to the project specifications and to get accounted with the project’s logic. We had to analyze and understand the existing code in order to proceed in the working process. As well as deeply exploring and mastering Jmeter and its different plugins.
Our Solution
Our QA engineer working on this project, being already an experienced specialist in this field with good knowledge of Java and Jmeter also having proper documentation under the hands could easily adapt to this new environment and required tools.
Here's what we achieved
Circle Yellow We have created our own working style which is accepted and approved by the whole team engaged in this project.
Circle Yellow We have already an existing template used for test cases and there is no need to go anything from scratch which makes our work more effective.

Technology We Used