Project Overview
Mysterium Network is meant to build a global decentralized network of residential IPs. Becoming a node in Mysterium Network, you share your IP address (anonymously) and spare bandwidth in order to help power the free internet. A Mysterium Node can be run both as a "provider" and a "consumer" of VPN services on Mysterium Network. In provider mode, Mysterium Node is offering VPN service to the network in exchange for payments.
Circle Yellow Creating a user-side documentation
Circle Yellow Communicating with users and supporting them in case of any problem
Circle Yellow Checking applications both from user and client sides
Circle Yellow Reproducing bugs and creating issues
Circle Yellow Making sure that Node always works correctly on different platforms
Circle Yellow Checking process of top-up and transaction
For the QA engineer of the Tesvan team who is in charge of this project’s testing, it was the first experience of working with cryptocurrencies. Even having enough knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the system it was really challenging to take this on. Besides that here we had to deal with multiple payment methods which were also new and required a deep understanding of them.
Our Solution
To overcome all the challenges we had to do deep investigations to better get into the project and also keep thorough communication with the team to discuss all misunderstandings and fill the lack of needed information.

Technology We Used