Project Overview
Rental Radio (RR) is a very comprehensive project designed to administer the process of receiving and forming sale and rental orders for radio products and bundles. Being a very complex project, it had wide range of configuration settings related to user account management, shipping or billing addresses as well as payment information.
Circle Yellow Develop and implement automated test scenarios for complex modules
Circle Yellow Analyze and prioritize the feature of the project to be tested
Circle Yellow Develop automated test framework from scratch
Circle Yellow Document all implemented test scenarios
Circle Yellow Implement automated test scenarios based all already written manual tests cases
One of the challenges that was arisen when working on RR project was the necessity to prioritize the features of the website without any specific documentation and requirements. Our team was required to estimate all features and create Jira tasks for tests based on those estimations.
Our Solution
To solve the above-mentioned challenge, we started our working week with analyzing and prioritizing all of the features that has not been tested yet. Our team created their own Jira tickets, guaranteeing that all features and workflows are prioritized and implemented as expected. Thorough research and understanding of Jira Kanban board helped us manage the arisen challenge.

Technology We Used