Project Overview
Billidoo project is designed to administer the paying process of staff members bills and invoices. It gave company’s staff members chance to upload their invoices regarding company’s expenses and get refunding from company. The project managed only specific categories of invoices which could be refunded by the company.
Circle Yellow Prioritize and plan testing activities
Circle Yellow Automate functional test cases
Circle Yellow Report bugs with detailed information in Jira
Circle Yellow Create final bug report with detailed description (attached screenshots and screen recordings)
Circle Yellow Perform regression testing
It was required to make the test plans and tests cases understandable as much as possible for staff members not very closely familiar with code. Our challenge was to create test framework which made our test cases look clean and comprehensible, meanwhile not lose their functionality and stability.
Our Solution
We decided to implement our test cases using “Cucumber” which is a behavior-driven development tool designed to make the test cases easily comprehensible even for people who do not have thorough knowledge of code. We rewrote out Mocha test cases to make them Cucumber based which helped our client to review our tests more easily.
We are happy to announce some of the results we achieved by overcoming the challenges
Circle Yellow Deep knowledge of Cucumber tool
Circle Yellow Understanding BDD approach
Circle Yellow Improved skills of creating automation test framework
Circle Yellow Improved skills of doing smoke and regression testing

Technology We Used