Project Overview
Funkgeraete is an online shop website designed to sale and rent radios and related bundles. It has separate modules for products, cart, checkout and payments. Funkgeraete shop website was administrated by the admin side, which gave opportunity to publish and configure product information which appeared on shop website.
Circle Yellow Thoroughly analyze and understand test flows from admin to shop side
Circle Yellow Automate functional test cases
Circle Yellow Report and follow-up bugs found during testing process
Circle Yellow Perform regression testing after newly implemented features
The shop website required thorough knowledge of working with product process and final order bill. It required usage of JS mathematic functions to generate correct final price for each product.
Our Solution
We researched and analyzed JS mathematic functions and found those suitable for each case. We adopted those functions to be suitable for German price format. Using already existing functionalities we created our own functions designed for specific project.
Some results we achieved are
Circle Yellow Experience in working with website admin side
Circle Yellow Improved skills of creating Cucumber automation test framework
Circle Yellow Improved skills of doing smoke and regression testing
Circle Yellow Skills of documenting and following-up on issues found during testing

Technology We Used