Project Overview
ThetaRay is transforming the way financial institutions and payment service providers (PSPs) benefit from data with an AI-based SaaS transaction monitoring solution. The growing volume of global money transfers, including online and app-based payments, requires banks and PSPs to deploy sophisticated solutions to identify financial crimes, including money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing. The full-stack solution deploys big data expertise and proprietary algorithm science to deliver the best of machine learning along with unbiased use of rules, maximizing efficiency to find anomalies with virtually no false positives.
Circle Yellow Planing and performing Manual testing
Circle Yellow Automating test cases
Circle Yellow Performing Regression testing
Circle Yellow Realizing Smoke testing
Circle Yellow Covering the whole functionality by UI/API testing
Working on this project we had to deal with multiple anomalies in transactions. Here it is important to be extremely attentive to them in order to find and separate anomalies properly so that they could then pass through different procedures.
Our Solution
Writing exact test cases we can identify anomalies among all the transactions. The cases we write don’t let AI/ML confuse anomalies and standard alerts and reduce the risk of any possible negative impacts on the overall system.

Technology We Used