Project Overview
Vicoland is based on Ronald Coase’s theory on the nature of the firm which says that organizing work in firms makes sense when to-dos are too complex to organize them through market exchanges. Applied to professional services this has meant traditionally: tasks can go to freelancers, projects go-to firms. Such an approach has become a necessity and an opportunity.
Circle Yellow Planing and performing Manual testing
Circle Yellow Implementing test cases for features about being created
During our working process, we have to create and implement test cases for some features which don’t exist and are just on their way of being created. This is a real challenge for our team which we overcame successfully.
Our Solution
We have to explore deeply all the info having under our hands and discuss all the points with corresponding people on the team and in order to be guided correctly and be able to write the right test cases.
This is what we got as a result:
Circle Yellow Writing test cases in advance we could manage the working process properly and save much time.

Technology We Used