Project Overview
LegalAtoms breaks down legal cases preparation into a simple guided experience through a series of questions. At every step, you'll see precise info from court officials and lawyers.  Once you're ready you can e-file your documents with a few clicks, all while saving thousands in fees. 
Circle Yellow Knowledge of both Cypress and GitHub which we’d had ample experience with.
Circle Yellow Familiarity with AWS and CircleCI. We had to brush up our skills on these.
The forms were really big with dynamically added elements and Angular magic:) Plus, the initial tests were written in Typescript so we had to switch to it from the more habitual Javascript. It took some learning curve and overtime hours to bring our test scenarios to the level of pre-existing, finely designed framework on top of Cypress. Eventually, we adapted to the style and added some recursive functions to traverse the web elements and fill in randomly generated data with minimal code.
Our Solution
We had to think in Typescript which was challenging at first but the challenges were offset by catching the test code issues at compile time and leveraged types and interfaces of Typescript. We developed a fast response routine by setting up email alerts in CircleCI when tests failed on Cypress Dashboard. Our test suite grew and morphed in accordance with the changes in the underlying functionality being tested.

Technology We Used