Project Overview
Staffidoo project creates a platform for managing organization staff. It gives opportunity to administer the roles of the staff member as well as to organize them according to the departments in which they work. This platform gives chance to make surveys and queries for the staff members and to create statistics according to the answers the workers give.
Circle Yellow Create test framework from scratch
Circle Yellow Automate functional test cases
Circle Yellow Report bugs and improvements
Circle Yellow Create final bug report with detailed description (attached screenshots and screen recordings)
Circle Yellow Perform regression testing after new releases and bug fixes
It was essential to have technical skills to accurately design and maintain test automation framework and test scripts, build solutions, and resolve technical issues. Automated testing resources needed to have strong knowledge of framework’s design and implementation.
Our Solution
Our QA engineer responsible for this project was able to thoroughly analyze the project, understand the requirements and all possible challenges that could arise during the automation testing process, which helped us design and maintain compatible automation framework from scratch.
Here are some results we achieved
Circle Yellow Increased test coverage
Circle Yellow Detailed knowledge of working with Jira
Circle Yellow Improved skills of creating automation test framework from scratch
Circle Yellow Improved skills of doing regression testing

Technology We Used