Project Overview
Etisalat is a telecommunications company providing services in many countries around the world, using the mobile virtual network operator business model. The purpose of Etisalat was to provide cheap calls to home for emigrants. Etisalat provides pay-as-you-go and contract based mobile SIM cards, offering wide range of mobile bundles, Top-Ups and Bolt-Ons, including recurring orders.
Circle Yellow Analyze workflows for main features
Circle Yellow Write test cases and test steps using Zephyr for JIRA
Circle Yellow Execute manual tests using REST/SOAP requests
Circle Yellow Automate REST API tests in Java
Etisalat project consists of multiple microservices which makes it challenging to fully understand the workflows of main features related to product orders, purchases, payments, etc. The project has specific business logic related to telecommunication field as well as online payments using third party tools.
Our Solution
In order to fully perceive the main workflows of the project, at first place, our team concentrated on Knowledge Transfer Sessions and Confluence Articles. Understanding the full flow was a priority for our team, which made the test execution and automation process easier and more effective.
We've got results!
Circle Yellow The introduction of Postman and SoapUI in the workflow
Circle Yellow REST API automation with Java
Circle Yellow Analysis and prioritization of features and workflows
Circle Yellow The introduction of Zephyr for Jira in the workflow

Technology We Used