Project Overview
SlideCamp is a well-designed tool for those who are interested in slide management. It allows users to design slides, edit and categorize them, share, make teams, acquire slide templates, make a presentation, and so on.
Circle Yellow Prioritize and plan testing activities
Circle Yellow Automate functional test cases
Circle Yellow Report bugs with detailed information
Circle Yellow Do automated visual testing
It was required to do thorough functional and visual testing for both client and admin profiles of users. It was significant to create detailed test cases for this project and maintain the stability of the tests.
Our Solution
We decided to create our test cases with a comprehensive Page Object Model, which helped to have understandable tests both for us and the client. We also implemented visual testing, which helped to make the web page not only perfect with its functionality but also with the visual part.
And we were glad with what we came up with
Circle Yellow Thorough testing coverage with Cypress
Circle Yellow Functional testing suite expansion
Circle Yellow New smoke and regression tests
Circle Yellow Advanced visual testing

Technology We Used